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Interested in selling our products?

If you are interested in offering our products to your clients, please contact us to provide you with all the information you need to get you started. 




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Q. What differentiate Natural Pet Creations Products from other brands of natural pet products?  

A. Our products are made with the highest quality ingredients, without chemicals or pre-made bases. We manufacture our own bases without any of the chemicals commonly found in commercial products. Our plants are 100% organic.


Q. What types of ingredients are used?

A. We use natural oils such as organic coconut, castor, olive, lanolin oil, vitamin E and vegetable glycerine. In addition we used only therapeutic grade essential oils which is the plants natural oils in its purest form.


Q. How can I incorporate Natural Pet Creations Products in my veterinary practice?

A. Essential oils can be used alone or in combination with western medicine. Our products can help supplement treatments or sustitute other commercial products to treat some illness such as mange, demodex with our antibacterial and antifungal line or pain due to arthitis or hip dysplasia with our anti-inflammatory salve.


Q. For what illnessess in pets essential oils can be used?

A. Essential oils can be used to help treat many illnesses in pets such as: skin problems (mange, demodex, dermatitis, skin allergies), itching, separation anxiety, depression, dandruff, hair loss, asthma, bacterias, viruses (distemper, parvovirus), ear mites, cancer, epilepsy, deworming, swelling, muscle pain, hip dysplasia, arthritis, fungal (malassezzia, scabies), hot spots, scratches, insect repellent, others...


Q. Can they be used in puppies or kittens?

A. Yes. We have products for puppies and kittens.


Q. Can they be used in exotic pets?

A. No. So far, our products have been created to use on dogs and cats only.


Q. Are the cost of the products affordable for my clients?   

A. Yes. Our products are within the range cost of other commercial products with the difference that we do NOT sacrifice quality over money. We wanted to make it that way in order for pets owners to be able to give their pets the best.


Q. What type of profit margin can I obtain?

A. Our clients obtain an 80 to 100% profit margin with our products.


Q. How much time does it take to process my order?

A. We will process your order within the first 48 hours of receiving it during business days. If there is any delay with any of the products or if we have one out of stock we will let you know. 


Q. How can I place an order?

A. You can place an order online using our paypal checkout or through email using our Contact Us tab or Calling us directly at (787) 243-1343 to put you in contact with our distributors.


Q. Do you ship to USA?

A. Yes we do! For international shipping contact us through our Contact Us tab.                                                               

Our products are perfect for your store! We have a variety of natural and organic pet products to meet the needs of your clients. With our products you will guarantee your clients products made with only the best and purest ingredients without chemicals, pesticides, artificial preservatives and cruelty free.       


Why should I incorporate Natural Pet Creations products in my store?

Natural and organic pet products are in-demand industry trends. People are more cautious about what they eat and use for themselves and also for their pets! Natural Pet Creations products are REALLY natural not like others that only add one natural ingredients and the rest are premade bases and preservatives. All our ingredients come directly from the plants without alterations, are USDA certified organic and therapeutic grade. We use therapeutic grade essential oils to provide pets with an aromatherapy session with every use. We only use the best ingredients to provide the best products. 


How to incorporate Natural Pet Creations products in

my Grooming Salon?


1. Use our Ticks Off... Naturally shampoo as a natural alternative for removing Ticks and Fleas in dogs, without exposing them or you of to harmful chemicals.


2. Use our Flea & Tick Repellent shampoo with Peppermint Essential Oil for removing Ticks and Fleas from puppies and kittens.


3. Use our Antibacterial and Anti-fungal shampoo for dogs or cats with tendenicy to skin fungus, demodex, hot spots, or itching.


4. Use our Natural Shampoo for Puppies and Kittens when bathig these cuties.


5. Use our Organic Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for dogs and cats with dandruff in their coat or hair loss.


6. Use our Pet Calming Drops for naturally relaxing your clients before their grooming session.


7. Diffuse our Absolut Comfort in the grooming area to provide a relax environment for your clients.


8. Use our Ear Cleaners to give your clients a throurough cleanse by removing bacterias, mites and fungus for extra clean ears.


9. Our products can be used on pets that suffer from allergies or with very sensitive skin because they do not contain chemicals or artificial preservatives. 



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