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Ingredients: Organic coconut oil base, Therapeutic Grade Lavandula Angustifolia, Roman chamomile essential oils.

Pet Calming Drops 10ml

SKU: 806802052021
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  • Our calming drops are formulated with therapeutic grade essential oils which are perfect for helping your pet calm down when it has anxiety, fear or in stressful moments such as in storms, car rides or flights. These drops can also be used when our furry friends have a hard time falling asleep. 

  • For dogs and cats of all ages. For external use only. Shake well before use. Avoid contact with eyes. Apply a few drops on the palm of your hand and massage the head of your pet and the tips of the ears. It can also be massage on top of the nose, neck and cheeks. If you have an allergic pet that cannot use fragrances, just add 1 or 2 drops in the palm of your hands, rub them and apply in your pet's body. Not only he/she would smell good and be relaxed, it will also leave the coat shiny!

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