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Our Story

       because we really care for them...    

Natural Pet Creations is a small manufacturer and distributor of natural, organic and handmade artisan pet products free of chemicals and artificial preservatives.  
This journey began because we simply love animals. While working with pets and volunteering at an animal sanctuary, we have learned about many products that could be harmful for animals. There are many commercial pet products full of harmful chemicals, by products, colorants, and preservatives and many claims to be good preventive animal care. To know that we could be making our pets sick by using pesticides to prevent flea and ticks, shampoos filled with chemicals or meat by products in their food, worried us to a point where those products weren't an option for us anymore. We wanted to protect our pets in a healthy way.
The quest for other types of preventive care inspired us to study natural pet remedies, animal aromatherapy and the use of essential oils as a natural choice. But THEN... we actually wanted to apply our knowledge and MAKE better products! Our goal was to put into practice what we had learned to help other animals using natural remedies. We wanted to provide other pets the benefit of all of the wonderful remedies Mother Nature can offer. We constantly look to educate ourselves through scientific research, continuing education and books.
Natural Pet Creations Corp. is a registered corporation under the laws of Puerto Rico and has been certified in the use of essential oils in animals.
With love we welcome you to our natural homemade creations...
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