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Discover the Difference Nature Makes

Natural Pet Creations use Therapeutic Grade essential oils in most of its products. Essential oils are used for aromatherapy and for their medicinal properties. Essential oils are aromatic extracts from different parts of plants or plants materials through cold pressed process, CO2 extraction, or solvent extracted. Only essential oils that are therapeutic grade should be use for medicinal purposes in humans or pets. Therapeutic grade oils are those extracted without altering their natural chemicals and components and don't have added fillers. 


Therapeutic grade essential oils in combination with natural oils, plants, and all natural ingredients can mantain pets and humans alike healthy for a prolonged period of time. 



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Discover Why Our Products are Different

Natural Pet Creations products are different because they are made completely without chemicals. Many products claim to be natural but their labels are filled with ingredients that are chemical compunds that provide the characteristics that commercial products are expected to have and add a natural ingredient to compensate. Normally adding this chemicals as ingredients are cheaper that using natural and organic ingredients that works the same but are more expensive. We do not compromise the quality of our ingredients to make cheaper products. Never! And that is why our customers can tell the difference between our products and commercial products. Nature speaks for itself and when pets or humans alike use products that are completely natural and healthy for their bodies you will see the difference. 


What ingredients do we use?

  • Organic Coconut Oil is our soap and moisturizer 

  • Castor Oil is our Ph stabilizer

  • Olive Oil provides shine and is a moisturizer

  • Vitamin E is a natural preservative and rich in Beta caroteno

  • Vegetable Glycerin is a moisturizer and provides body to products

  • Plants, roots, flowers and leaves are natural sources of medicine and aromatherapy

  • Therapeutic gade essential oils can be directed to aid with different illnesess or to provide aromatherapy. Some of them are great preservatives!

  • And more natural sources that are completely natural and/or organic.


Most importantly, our products are made having pets needs in mind. Always have and always will. 

Never Tested 
on Animals

Natural Pet Creations products are created wanting to improved pets life even with small changes such as eliminating chemicals from their regular products. For us those small changes can make a big difference!


We believe if  the product is not safe for the pet owner, how will it be safe for the pet?

Natural Pet Creations formulas are made out of research, study and information about the benefits that natural oils and plants have on pets, which ones are safe, which ones are not, if they are safe for kids or their parents. We believe that pets are part of the family and their health, and well being is as important as any other family member. 


Oh and yes... we test everything on ourselves! 


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