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Essential Oils for Pets

Discover how essential oils can benefit your pet
How can pets benefit from using essential oils?

Essential oils have a wide variety of medicinal properties such as antibacterial, anti-fungal, relaxantion, anti-inflammatory, anti-dandruff, promote hair growth, anti-viral, antisphamodic, and others. In the right combination between essential oils and carrier oils these benefits can be transmited to our pets. 

Can essential oils be harmful for pets?

Yes. If essential oils are not used correctly it can harm pets and humans alike. Therapeutic grade are the only kind of oil that should be used for aromatheraphy and for healing. Not all oils can be used on all animals nor the same dilution. Essential oils should always be diluted before being apply on the skin. Dilution rates may vary depending on the essential oil used, purpose and animal. Cats are the most suceptible to oils and not all oils can be used on them specially those considered "hot". There is grand debate regarding the use of essential oils on cats among veterinarians. Many veterinarians have done extensive research regarding the benefits of essential oils in different animals and specially in cats with very successful results. Dogs, horses, birds and other hoof animals can benefit from essential oils but in different dilutions according to the animal. 

In which pets essential oils can be used?

Dogs, cats, horses, birds and hoof animals. 

How can essential oils be apply on pets?

Essential oils can be apply on the skin after diluted with a carrier oil or products that are natural and does not alter the pureness of the oils. Aromatherpay can also be given using an essential oils diffuser which use cold evaporation that break down micro molecules that goes into the air and can last a few hours. These micro molecules are inhaled providing the aromatherpy session. 

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